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hydraulic pile breaker

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The hydraulic pile breaker is a unique machine capable off controlling the pile cropping process. our pile breakers provide civil engineering contractors with a new attachment for removing excess precast piles and allow the operator to trim the pile down to the correct level.
Pile Breaker is used for breaking down the piles leaving the rebar exposed on both diameter piles and square precast piles. 
The new design of the  Pile Breaker delivers the power at the cutting points evenly with advanced flow control delivering power and cutting accuracy when and where it’s needed most.
The  Pile Breaker rugged construction is suited to the harsh environment it will be used in and will provide many years of service.

1. Leading full-hydraulic pile cutting equipment fills the domestic gap, 4 unique patented technologies, to achieve efficient pile head removal operations.

2. Advanced and reasonable modular design, convenient and quick to change the number of modules, adapt to different pile diameter construction.

3. It can be freely connected with a variety of construction machinery to realize the economy, versatility and practicality of the product.

4. Simple operating system, less staffing, reduce construction cost.

5. Considering the whole process control of the broken pile, the equipment directly transfers the broken pile head, eliminating the need for manual removal.

6. The new hinge design minimizes the stress on the pin shaft and improves the service life of the unit.

7. Adjustable hanging chain design to meet the requirements of multi-terrain construction operations.

8. Fast assembly design, realize convenient transportation and construction, and improve construction efficiency.

9. Simple module replacement and general technical design to achieve fast maintenance.

10. The overall pile head crushing construction solves the disadvantage of high energy consumption in crushing construction.

11. Full hydraulic drive to realize low noise operation of pile head construction.

12. The organic combination of new materials and new processes improves equipment reliability and reduces maintenance costs.

13. The long life design brings the best benefits to customers.


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