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Process of shipping

1. The customer confirms the destination (first of all, the customer who has the need to consign personal items confirms the destination)
Door to Port: Determine the destination port for personal belongings
Door to Door: Determine the detailed English address for the destination of personal belongings
2, inquiry, confirm the quotation (to personal goods consignment expert wanli chicheng inquiry quotation and confirmation)
The door to the port of destination:
Since sea freight varies from time to time, you will need to contact us to determine the final cost before shipment.
Door to door:
Due to overseas costs, you need to inform us of the detailed address of both doors by phone or EMAIL in advance for inquiry.
3. Tally (Purchased Goods), Packaging (Tally (Purchased Goods), Packaging) for the consigned goods of personal belongings
4. Handling entrustment procedures: fill in the letter of entrustment for international transportation.
5, the delivery of goods documents: door-to-door delivery (packaging), at the same time to obtain the list of goods, documents required for customs clearance (original passport, separation certificate, graduation certificate, etc.).
6, insurance entrusting: Shanghai Chinachem International Shipping Company according to the customer reported 0.7% of the actual value of the goods for handling.
7. Customer settlement; Get the bill of lading, insurance policy, and get back the passport.
8. Picking up goods abroad with bill of lading.



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