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Excavator clamp

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Wood grabber or called the clamp wood, wood, grasping machine, holding clamp wood grabber, is a kind of excavator or loader retrofit front device, generally divided into mechanical wood grabber and rotary wood grabber.
Wood grabber installed on the excavator: mechanical excavator wood grabber is driven by the excavator bucket cylinder, without adding hydraulic block and pipeline; 360° rotary hydraulic excavator wood grabber, need to add two sets of hydraulic valve block and pipeline on the excavator to control;
Wood grabber installed on the loader: loader modification needs to modify the hydraulic pipeline, two valve modification for three valve, and modification of two oil cylinders.
Wood grabber is suitable for loading, unloading, unloading, platooning, stacking and other operations in ports, forest farms, lumber farms, wood products factories, paper mills and other industries.
Product features
1. The rotary grasping stone tool and steel grasping device of the excavator are made of special steel, light in texture, high elasticity and high resistance to balance.
2. Adopt new reducer type motor; Smooth operation
3, the use of small tonnage excavator rotary device, the use of brake pads to brake, so as to greatly improve the service life of rotation, improve efficiency.
4. Large opening width, small weight and large performance; In order to strengthen the power, the use of special large capacity oil cylinder.
5, The operator can control the rotation speed, can rotate clockwise, counterclockwise 360 degrees freely.
6, the use of special rotary gear, prolong the life of the product, reduce maintenance costs.
7, can carry out stone operations, waste operations, pipe operations. Stone work and all the clamping work.
Product advantages:
· The whole body of the gripper is made of special wear-resistant manganese steel plate (high elasticity and wear resistance). · The built-in safety valve is adopted to prevent the natural arm drop of the oil cylinder
· Large capacity cylinder design increases the grasping power of the equipment. · Adjustable 360 degree super rotation can meet the needs of special working conditions
· Products of the same model have lighter weight and larger opening width. · Rotating gear is adopted to further improve the durability of the products



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