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Excavator hedge trimmer

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Green belt trimming machine is a multifunctional highway greening trimming equipment. Artificial pruning is unsafe, slow, labor intensity is large, pruning height is inconsistent and so on. This device is a utility model highway hedge trimmer which is improved and designed in view of the shortage of manual trimming of the central isolation belt of the highway.

(1) bearing platform: small crawler excavator or wheel excavator or sliding machine.
(2) trimming device: by trimming machine connecting frame, hydraulic motor, driving device, adjustable Angle tool, blade,
(3) Trim motor hydraulic device, so that the equipment can be flexible rise and fall, horizontal contraction, light to complete horizontal pruning, vertical pruning, high and low size pruning and other work steps.
(4) Warning device: including the guide indicator light, warning light, warning whistle and other components in the cockpit.
The hedgerow pruner is mainly used for highway, municipal gardens, urban greening, tea garden cutting and other large scale pruning projects. It can be adjusted into parallel, trapezoid, tower switch pruning, pruning speed 5-20 kilometers per hour, greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce the labor force or unsafe factors, enhance the pruning effect.

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